About Racket Pets

Racket Pets was created by Maria Maddock, a mom of four who has a huge love for tennis.  Over the years she has purchased countless dampeners and over grips, and noticed that players really enjoy dampener and overgrip designs that personalise their rackets. And so Racket Pets, the ability to turn your racket into an "animal" was born.

Having been involved in the NZ tennis scene her whole life, playing internationally, official racket stringer for the WTA and ITF, and coaching for many years, Rachel is well aware of the lack of tennis accessories available in the market in both NZ and Australia. She sees the benefits in adding fun elements to kids tennis, as well as the ability to use them as coaching cues. She is delighted to bring such a unique product onto our tennis courts down under. 

Rachel Clark



Nz and Australia Racket Pets Distributor